Welcome to Gentani

Innovation for simplicity

Our story is Simple! Because at Gentani, we believe there’s a better way to pack for a trip – it should be fun and ‘simple’. Our aim is design bags and suitcases from ground-up that make packing faster, effortless and relaxed. And to do this, we listen to you, every day. So, we created all-new designs for more room with smarter flat packing, water-proof pocket for toiletries, plus, we gave you more packing cubes to save you from spills and constant packing and unpacking.

We innovate not for the sake of innovation, but for simplicity. Because traveling should be fun, not a chore.

 A Somewhat Odd History

You see the founders of Gentani weren’t actually planning to design suitcases and smart bags. The original plan was to design backpacks for every occasion - from family getaways to hiking in the Amazon wilderness. These young hearts truly believed they could pull off a design that would revolutionize traveling.

Something quite deflating happened after 6 months of sleepless research and preliminary designing. The engineers and founders realized that the backpack companies had already done a decent job so far. But they also noticed something. It was the suitcases and other travel bags that required serious attention.

12 months later, the company now rebranded as Gentani, started producing its first line of suitcases. New inspirational design and easy to drag features coupled with stunning looks quickly grabbed the imagination of the retailers. Suddenly, these suitcases were selling all over the U.S.A.


And thus, Gentani was born.